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We are dedicated to making this world a better place for current and for future generations.

Our main service is to help organisations address climate change.
Reducing CO2- and other greenhouse gas emissions is perhaps the most challenging task humanity has ever faced.
We start by calculating your organisation’s Carbon Footprint.
And subsequently help you to reduce it and become climate neutral.

Experience shows it is easier than expected. And profitable, too.
Our client Clifford Chance, for instance, has been climate neutral for 10 years now.
And is saving € 100.000 each and every year as a result.

Do you want to know how you can reduce CO2-emissions, too?
Have a look at our services, or contact us for a free advice.


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PW Advies was founded by Peter Wiers in 2004. It's mission is to help businesses and organizations reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Our aim is to avoid...
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