My own CSR actions

‘Be the change you want to see in this world’, Mahatma Gandhi once said…
So what do I do myself, to make this world a better place?

Climate Action (SDG #13)
The core business of PW Advies is 100% CSR.
PW Advies is fully dedicated to Climate Action (SDG #13) and to Responsible consumption and production (SDG #12).

Below are some of the things I personally do in terms of Climate Action.
These are things that work for me. Feel free to copy if you find some of it useful, too:

  • I work from home. This saves a lot of time, a lot of emissions from commuting, and having to heat a separate office;
  • The floor heating system, which I have in part of my home, is more comfortable than conventional heating. This makes it easy to turn the thermostat somewhat lower;
  • The electricity I use is mostly produced by my own solar panels (about 50%). Another large chunk is produced by a windmill of the Windcentrale in which I have bought two shares. And the remainder comes from renewable energy supplier Greenchoice
  • When visiting clients or conferences, I travel by public transport, OV-fiets or other bicycle 80% of the time. Where the location or the weather is not convenient, I use a small but fun all-electric Renault Twizy, or share a Greenwheels car. I do not charge clients any travel expenses;
  • I eat less meat and dairy products. It’s better for the environment, better for animals and better for my own health. And in most restaurants, vegetarian alternatives are no sacrifice at all;
  • I am also getting more conscious about the clothing and other things I buy. More linen, and bio cotton, and less animal products like wool;
  • One of my little pleasures is having a local tailor flip the collar of my shirt once it gets worn. This gives my shirt another life. And when the other side is worn-out too, I send the shirt to Van Hulley, who manage to make a new boxer short out of it;
  • Perhaps my biggest challenge is air travel. I love traveling, and temptations abound. But I try to limit myself to one return flight per year, even though this sometimes means making choices;
  • To remain climate neutral, I offset my remaining emissions with the help of Fair Climate Fund. Their Fair Trade and Gold Standard certified projects contribute to almost all of the SDG’s.

Water and Sanitation (SDG #6)
Climate change causes changes in the water cycle, such as additional storms, floods and droughts.
My ancestors used to live in the village of Ezinge, a man-made mount on the North Sea coast. I guess it’s in my genes to prepare for-, and adapt to floods. But more than a billion people on Earth simply lack the resources to do so. I therefore support sustainable water projects benefiting people in low-income countries. So that they, too, can prepare themselves for the consequences of climate change.

Peace, Justice and Strong institutions (SDG #16)
An increase in floods and droughts leads to migration and social instability, as has been seen in Syria. With more conflicts in the future, more people are needed to manage these. I have therefore spent a considerable amount of time in support of peace education.