About us

PW Advies was founded by Peter Wiers in 2004.
It’s mission is to help businesses and organizations reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
Our aim is to avoid dangerous climate change and make this world a better place for future generations.


After observing massive flooding in Germany in 2002, Peter asked his bosses at KPMG for permissions to develop a business proposition for financial clients. Soon, however, the earth scientist within told him he was not interested in insurance products. Rather, he wanted to prevent such floodings from happening in the first place.

Discussions with experts pointed towards a new cause for such floodings, namely climate change. This was certainly not the only cause. But it is one that affects river basins all over the world. For many people in developing countries it is having disastrous consequences already. And it is expected to grow as a result of more and more greenhouse gas emissions.

In his previous jobs at Shell and Unilever, Peter had been responsible for finding new oil and gas reserves and for moving goods all over the world. With a lot of greenhouse gas emissions as a result. Peter decided it was time to give something back, and started PW Advies.

Together with Henk van Schaik of the Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate, and experts from Unesco-IHE, Peter developed the concept of the Climate Footprint. Peter was the first one to apply the new concept, at launching customers Waternet and Clifford Chance Amsterdam. This was before Al Gore’s movie ‘Inconvenient Truth’. The issue of climate change was hardly on people’s minds.

Knowing the organisation’s Climate Footprint is one thing, but does not make people take action.
Soon, therefore, Peter teamed up with social sustainability champions Peter van Luttervelt and Ellen van den Adel of Global Action Plan. Their Eco-Team empowerment method proved very valuable at inspiring people, and creating real improvement within organisations. Together, they applied the Climate Footprint and the Eco-Team approach at organisations like Clifford Chance, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Goois Natuurreservaat, Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier, Kamer van Koophandel, Stichting Aap, Vereniging Natuurmonumenten, Waterschap Brabantse Delta and housing corporation Waterweg Wonen.

Nowadays, more and more people realise that climate change is an important issue. Climate action and an energy transition away from fossil fuels are taking place. Let’s hope that by acting now, dangerous climate change and a ‘Hothouse Earth’ can still be avoided.

CSR activities

PW Advies is fully dedicated to climate action (SDG #13). Our mission is 100% CSR.

In our day to day activities, we try to practice what we preach.
Peter works from home. This avoids having to heat a separate office and avoids a lot of emissions from commuting.
About half the electricity used is produced by our own solar panels. The remainder is produced by a windmill we have invested in, or comes from renewable energy supplier Greenchoice.
Business travel is done 80% by public transport or bicycle. For the remainder, Peter uses a highly efficient electric vehicle (Renault Twizy). As a matter of principle, we do not charge our customers any travel costs.
Peter tries to eat less meat and dairy products, and is conscious about the clothing and other things he buys.
The remaining emissions are offset with the help of for instance Fair Climate Fund.

In addition, Peter helps people adapt to the consequences of climate change, by supporting water projects in Africa and India (SDG #6). And Peter has been a board member of the University for Peace in The Hague, which educates future leaders in conflict management (SDG #16).

Presentations and publications

Peter’s views on climate action and sustainability can also be found in the following presentations and publications:
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