Carbon Footprints by themselves do not make people take action. Driven by my desire to see practical results, I set up the Climate Partners foundation. Together, the partners offer an elaborate set of solutions for companies that take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. This includes solutions for energy saving, renewable energy, smart mobility, carbon offsets and CSR communication.

Central to our approach is the Eco-Team empowerment method of Global Action Plan.
Together with social sustainability champions Peter van Luttervelt and Ellen van den Adel, we applied the Climate Footprint and the Eco-Team approach at many clients. This stimulated many people to realise improvements within their organisations.
Peter van Luttervelt’s untimely death in 2018 was a major setback. But it makes me even more determined to keep on innovating and continue this important work. Let’s hope that by acting now a ‘Hothouse Earth’ can still be avoided.